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“This voyage is about visiting a very special place…when traveling merges with music created by artists that musically responds to the landscape.

The landscape a music creator travels through can give a new perspective and a new significance to the music creation itself. The connection between the human creation and the place of inspiration are like impressions that one catches from the hypothetical dialogue between the ear and the eye.” (Read more…)

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“The backstory to Norwegian electronic duo, Frost’s new ‘Radiomagnetic’ album sounds like the start of a horror film. After receiving a mysterious cassette containing ‘ghost’ radio signals from the remote location of Pyramiden, a long-abandoned Russian settlement in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, the pair (made up of Aggie Peterson and Per Martinsen) decided to embark there for a unique performance in an old auditorium.”
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VICE NOISEY “I went to a rave in the arctic…”

“I’ve done my fair share of raving in warehouses and dingy basements, but I’ve always found their Fritzl-esque undertones and asphyxiating blackdamp a bit of a mood kill. So, when Norwegian alt-pop duo, Frost, invited me to a performance of their forthcoming album, Radio Magnetic, at a long-abandoned Soviet coal mining settlement in the Arctic circle, I obviously agreed. Desolate ex coal mines in icy Svalbard—an archipelago in the north Atlantic, half way between Norway and the North Pole—sounded a lot more appealing than a crumbling sweatbox in south London.” (Read more…)

Frost interviewed by ROCKSUCKER.

“The story behind Radiomagnetic, the new album by Norwegian duo Frost, is so fascinating that it seems a shame – not to mention rather difficult – to attempt to paraphrase it. As such, here is a shameless copy/paste job from the press release which we urge you to read before engaging with this simultaneously haunting and haunted LP of lush, nocturnal electronica-pop…” (Read more…)



“As the days get shorter and the weather becomes decidedly chillier, ice cold electro mood pop of the sort Frost make (there’s a clue in their name, see) feels in keeping with the seasonal inclemency. In truth, whilst those overused clichés about Scandinavians making music redolent of their environment – glacial, snowy, icy and whatnot – might be lazy, it’s not untrue to label Frost similarly.” (Read more…)

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Frost intervju HISSIG.NO

“Det første albumet, Bedsit Theories, kom i 1998 som et rent soloprosjekt fra Aggie Peterson – med produsenthjelp fra Torbjørn Brundtland (Røyksopp) og Rune Lindbæk. Platen gjorde det skarpt blant platekjøperne, og singelen Clouds Across the Moon ble mye spilt på MTV. Siden har hun gitt ut to album til, begge som en duo sammen med Per Martinsen.” (Les mer…)

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ / 16.08.12
FROST The Woods

“It’s a common misconception.

The popular view of Scandinavia is often a snowy wilderness, where the sun barely rises for nine months of the year. In reality, though, the area is a lush, green beauty spot where the sun rises frequently and often shines.

As if to prove those misconceptions correct, though, here comes Frost. The pop offshoot from Mental Overdrive, the duo’s latest project is inspired by the ghost town of Pyramida.

A former Russian mining settlement close to the Swedish border, the town was abandoned in the late 90s. Preserved almost perfectly by the cold, desolate landscape a series of ghost transmissions have found their way into the duo’s possession.

Frost – in reality Per Martinsen and Aggie Peterson – were stunned into making an album of their own. ‘Radiomagnetic’ comes across like a fractured, corroded transmission – all voices collapsing in on themselves, faltering synths and melodies which crack like ice.

Taken from the new album, ‘The Woods’ comes backed with a clip that matches the desolate beauty of the music.”

EQ Blog, UK:
“…an electronica duo out of Tromsø that dig their kitten heels and drum pads into a chugging nu-wave soundscape of floating vocals over rhythmically pulsating synth backing, that quite stirs our analogue heart and electro head – as it’s something a little different, something a little a like our own Queen Of Hearts in similarity to Alison Goldfrapp that echoes back in time to the new romantic era. “ (…) “Key point here is, Frost is defining something diverse in the current electronica soundscape and we applaud it.

Planet Notion , UK:
“… it is four whole minutes of electro-pop deliciousness. They like to describe themselves as ‘cool synth-pop with analogue warmth,’ and this pretty much just perfectly hits the nail on the head. Peterson’s crystal clear vocals skate icily and delicately over the warmer tones of a pulsating beat and twinkling, dreamy synth melodies. Simply divine.”

The Arts Desk:, UK:
“The drum-heavy live sound adds va-va-voom to their electropop and by the second number, “My Plastic Heart”, they’ve hit their stride with Peterson dancing like Cleopatra and relaxing.”
(…) “It’s a luscious song, a real treat comparable to the wonderful Ladytron’s recent work.” (about The Woods)
(…) “One Hundred Years’ features a spectacular operatic vocal from Peterson and “Parade” brings out a smidgeon of dubstep bass, then it’s into the final streak with “Sleepwalker” (…)


Different Scene, UK:
“Second single from Frost The Woods has a pulsing beat and gorgeous synth accompaniment. However it is the dreamy vocals that really grab you with this song, soft and delicious – they are hypnotic and perfect for the dance floor. Keep an eye (or ear) out for this duo because they are making some great tunes. “

Dipped In Dollars. US:
“Their single “The Woods” was just released on Monday, and caught my attention the first time I heard it. It’s so straightforward that it would be easy to overlook, but the initial melody hooks me time and time again(..) it’s a deeply emotive track that is quite literally, cool.”

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