Upcoming live dates:
June 12th, University of Chichester, UK

Previous live dates

July 11th, Hebden Bridge Trades UK, from 8pm
Frost live, Ghost Radio Hunter film screening, DJ’s Mental Overdrive, Flash Atkins & Jimmy Gezellig

January 19th, Arctic Frontiers, Tromsø – opening

Nov 2nd, Café Sånn, DIPP jubileumsfest, from 2000 hrs
Mini-concerts: Frost – Taigatrost – DJ Charlie Bendiks – June Egerton
Oct 24th at 1800hrs.
Frost mini-concert at Gallery Small Projects during Insomnia Festival 2013.
Exhibition opening of Petra Hermanová: “Monsters and other stories”.
Love OD Communications
Aug 17th, “Mother” silent movie concert Peterson/Martinsen/Suokas, Cinema 35 mm, Moscow, Russia.
Aug 10th, Frost vs Mental Overdrive, live at Sunkissed during Øyafestival, Oslo, Norway.
Aug 8th, Frost live at Varangerfestivalen, Vadsø, Norway
July 13th, Frost live at Woodbridge, UK.
July 12th, “Mother” silent movie concert Peterson/Martinsen/Suokas, British Film Institute, London, UK.

March 10, Tanabru, 18:00 hrs
March 11, Kirkenes, 18:00 hrs
March 12, Varangerbotn, 19:00 hrs
March 13, Karasjok, 19:00 hrs
March 14, Alta (concert starts after the winner arrives!)


Feb 14th, By:Larm off venue at Fisk & Vilt, Oslo
Jan 18th, Badlands Party, Kurant, Tromsø International Filmfestival

Oct 20th, Liverpool,Threshold “new Bird” 2013 Launch Party
Oct 24th, London, Queen of Hoxton, Incidentally Nordic
Sept 28th, DJ-set, Supa, Trondheim
Sept 29th, Byscenen, Meta Morf festival, Trondheim
Sept 1st Pyramiden, Svalbard
Sept 14th, Driv, Tromsø Support: Le Petit Garcon
Sept 15th, Jæger, Oslo

Dec 2nd, Verdensteateret, Tromsø (TIFF Kick-off party,
Nov 5th, Kunstpause, Longyearbyen
October 5th, The Lexington, London
Sept 21st, Norwegian Embassy, London
Sept 9th, Valhalla, Tromsø
May 20th, Liverpool Sound City
May 20th, Tromsø Sound City

Nov 18th, Oslo – Cafe Mono
Nov 20th, Tromsø – HT, Teaterkafeen
Aug 13th, Oslo – Øya Festival, Club Night
July 18th Herr og Fru DJ set, VT, Tromsø (Buktafestivalen)

“Mother” tour, Aggie Peterson, Per Martinsen and Sergey Soukas, silentmovie live concert.

May 20th DJ-set Cannes
May 29th Performance Acadamy of contemporary Art KHIO, Tromsø
April 18th, Herr og Fru DJ set, Verdensteateret, Tromsø
March 8th, Block 8, Bejing China
March 1st Herr og Fru DJ set, Verdensteateret, Tromsø
February 29th, Per DJ set, Kaos, Tromsø
January 19th, Ragatronics live/Frost live, The Blue Frog Club, Mumbai, India
January 20th, Ragatronics live/Frost live, The Blue Frog Club, Mumbai, India

December 26th, Tromsø, Verdensteateret, Herr og Fru DJ set
December 15th, Husfest, Smuglesning, Frost Live
October 19th, Reykjavik, Iceland (Iceland Airwaves Festival)
October 20th, Reykjavik, Iceland (Iceland Airwaves Festival)
September 21st, Launch party for Insomnia Festival, Tromsø
September 5th-8th, NuMusic Festival, Stavanger.
August 25th, Meat Raffle, Catch 22, London
August 11th, guests @ Bjørn Torske’s Storband @ Øya Festival, Oslo, Norway
August 11th, Fabrikken, Øya:Sunkissed, Oslo, Norway
July 27th, Stone hill Festival Alterswil, Switzerland
June 2nd, Maiden, Musikkens Dag, Oslo. 1900hrs.
June 2nd, PI, Oslo / Herr&Fru DJ set. 2300 hrs.
May 11th, Neat, Stockholm, Sweden
Per plays his Mental Overdrive live set at the 2-4 hours releaseparty.
April 26th, Bergen, Café Opera, Releaseparty, mini-concert
April 27th, Trondheim, Brukbar, Releaseparty, mini-concert
April 28th, Tromsø, Verdensteateret, Releaseparty, mini-concert
March 22nd, Oslo, The Villa, Releaseparty: mini liveset + DJ set
March 1st, Rådhusplassen, Oslo, (Opening of Polaryear 2007)

December 22nd from 22.30 pm, Per og Aggie DJ-set @ Ureint Mel i Posen/Blå, NO
“Redd Rotta Rufus” – Rottedisco all night long
December 26th, Frost live club set + Per & Aggie DJ-set @ Klubb DaDa/Stravinsky, Oslo
Nov 24th, Frost live @ Blå, Oslo,
Nov 3rd, Frost live @ Vanity Club, Tokyo, JP
Oct 29th Frost live @ In the City, Manchester UK
Oct 21st, Per & Aggie DJ-set @ Strædet, Bergen, NO
Oct 13th, Frost live @ Insomnia-festival, Tromsø, NO
Frost live @ NO+CH festival, CH
Oct. 4th, Shanghai at Tang Hui
Oct, 5th, Bejing, Nhu Club
Oct. 6th, Guangzhou, Xinghai Concert Hall
Jul. 28th Per & Aggie DJ-set, Ureint Mel i Posen, Blå, Oslo, NO
July, 8th Per & Aggie DJ-set, Træna Festival, NO
June 16th, Per & Aggie DJ-set Grimstad Kortfilmfestival, “Alt Flyter”-party, NO

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