Free remix!


Here’s a free remix for you all – made by the talented Le Petit Garcon, one of the new and interesting rising stars on the Tromsø/Berlin electronic scene. “Something New” is one of the tracks from Radiomagnetic that will be released later this year.

The remix will be up for grabs for the next two weeks.

Love —- Frost ***

Hurra for 17. mai!

Gratulerer med dagen, alle sammen!

Today is Norway’s national day and you might spot some Norwegians all dressed up in folk-costumes, cheering “hurray” and waving their flags. It might look a bit “nationalistic”, but in fact we’re celebrating freedom and we’re proud of our country. Today we’ll be celebrating in Soutwark Park in London – everyone are welcome to celebrate along with us! We wish for equality, hospitality, freedom of religion, freedom of speach and freedom of being who you are! Happy celebration everyone!

Frost is also celebrating today’s release of the new song “Parade”, available from iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and many other digital stores. Hurrrraaaay!

Frost plays at Tromsø Sound City

Frost are one of the last acts to be announced to play at Tromsø Sound City festival, 15.-16. April. Frost will play at Håkon scene at Driv. The duo will present their new material from their forthcoming album Radiomagnetic, inculding the single “Parade” that will be released on May 17th. Show starts at 21.00 sharp!