Radiomagnetic is out today!

Hurray, finally the album is out — we’re so happy and we hope you love it!!

It is available from all major digital outlets and streaming services today: iTunes, Spotify, WIMP, BeatPort etc. If you want to support us directly, please buy the album via Bandcamp! This will make sure most of the income goes directly to the artists, and it will enable us to invest in making new music, videos, remixes, doing concerts – and even making physical products, like vinyl, cd’s and merch.

To buy FROST: “Radiomagnetic” from BANDCAMP, click here! We’ll even throw in a bonus track for you – the deep and moody remix of “Parade” by Jori Hulkkonen.

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Clash Magazine feature on Frost “The Woods”

Clash Magazine feature and video premiere here

“It’s a common misconception.

The popular view of Scandinavia is often a snowy wilderness, where the sun barely rises for nine months of the year. In reality, though, the area is a lush, green beauty spot where the sun rises frequently and often shines.

As if to prove those misconceptions correct, though, here comes Frost. The pop offshoot from Mental Overdrive, the duo’s latest project is inspired by the ghost town of Pyramida.

A former Russian mining settlement close to the Swedish border, the town was abandoned in the late 90s. Preserved almost perfectly by the cold, desolate landscape a series of ghost transmissions have found their way into the duo’s possession.

Frost – in reality Per Martinsen and Aggie Peterson – were stunned into making an album of their own. ‘Radiomagnetic’ comes across like a fractured, corroded transmission – all voices collapsing in on themselves, faltering synths and melodies which crack like ice.

Taken from the new album, ‘The Woods’ comes backed with a clip that matches the desolate beauty of the music.”

Frost event at Pyramiden

Py.fotball 1
The new album, Radiomagnetic, is inspired by a very special story connecting Frost to the Arctic, through old family pictures thanks to a mysterious cassette.

It is a dream-come-true when Frost will perform live in the abandoned ghost-town of Pyramiden on September 1st. Frost will perform in one of the empty bulidings, filling it with music and projected photographs from when this Russian mining settlement was vibrant and alive.


Aggie Peterson (vocal, synth)
Per Martinsen (drums, electronic instruments)
Petra Hermanová (visuals)
Kyrre S. Flesberg (sound)
Herta Grøndal / Leif A. Grøndal (photos / presented by Grøndal Foto).




Per is mixing and fine-tuning the tracks for the new album of Frost, “Radiomagnetic”, that finally will be out in September this year. We are also awaiting some new remixes of “The Woods”, so stay tuned for more info. Thanks for your patience, everybody – we are so looking forward to present the album for you all! Frost***

Next concert: Tiff Kick-off party, 2. Dec Tromsø

Aggie Sunkissed Kimono_BWx

Frost will play a special live concert at beautiful old movie theatre Verdensteateret in Tromsø, 2nd December. This is a special show for Tromsø International Film Festival 2012 launch-party! Frost love the festival and are excited to play the concert in these special surroundings. Frost will also bring along Reidar A. Richardsen who is doing lights and visuals, presenting the very special pictures of Aggie’s grandparents Leif and Herta Grøndal, with motives from Spitsbergen in the 50’s and  60’s. More of the Radiomagnetic story will be revealed…