Per and Aggie will be hosting as festival-artists at Varangerfestival, based in Vadsø. They will do two installations and one performance, in addition to the opening-concert, a double concert with FROST and Per Martinsen/Nils Petter Molvær. The festival runs from 7-11th of August.

More info (in Norwegian) here.
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“Mother” silentmovie concert in London in July

Per and Aggie will visit London July 12th, to do a special concert together with Russian composer Sergey Suokas (aka Slow) at the British Film Institute. This is part of the Noise of Art Electric Nights: Celebrating 100 years of Electronic Music and Silent Cinema.

Featuring Pudovkin’s Mother, with short films from the 1920s
With live music by: Coldcut, Mental Overdrive, Aggie Frost, Slow, Gaggle, Ben Osborne

Marking 100 years since Luigi Russolo wrote ‘A Manifesto for an Art of Noises’, a clarion call for electronic music, tonight brings electronic music back to its earliest home – not the nightclub or conservatoire, but the cinema. Russolo created a proto-synthesiser in 1914 and after WWI he started soundtracking early film in cinemas in Paris. The evening connects a century of film and electronic music. The main feature is the UK debut of a new live score to Vsevolod Pudovkin’s 1926 masterpiece Mother that sees celebrated Russian electronic musician Slow joining forces with Norwegian cosmic disco outfit Mental Overdrive and electronic act Aggie Frost. Their live soundtrack, commissioned by Norway’s TIFF festival, breathes a new intensity into the revered film. Accompanying the feature, pioneering electronic act Coldcut have put new music to films from the Russolo era, while Noise of Art’s Ben Osborne adds music using recordings of Russolo’s own sounds.

Followed by a party in the Benugo Bar with a performance by Gaggle.

Tickets £15, concs £11.50 (Members pay £1.50 less)

Presented in association with TIFF

More info and tickets click here.

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Ghost Radio Hunter

Per Martinsen is featured in this documentary from Russian filmmaker Kostya Shamshin, and is followed on a quest to reveal the mystery of ‘ghost radio signals’ emanating from somewhere in the Arctic together with Frost video director and ally Carl Critical. The film kicks off when Martinsen and Aggie Peterson, who together make up alt-pop duo Frost, receive a mysterious package in the mail covered with Russian stamps. The parcel contains a C60 audio cassette and a letter inside. On the tape is a recording of some beautiful music underneath a wall of noise and static, abrupted between songs by a deep Russian voice. This recording becomes the main inspiration for the Frost album ‘Radiomagnetic’, and a sudden email from the director then sparks off a journey to Spitsbergen to search for the source of the phenomenon – a journey both Per and Carl would rather have undone.

Read more about ‘Ghost Radio Hunter’ here:

Screening at Tromsø International Film Festival this week:
Thu 17th Jan at 11.30
Fri 18th Jan at 18.00
Sat 19th Jan at 11.30

New single, “Something New” out now!

Today the single, “Something New” is available from iTunes, Juno, Beatport and other digital outlets. The single includes “Something New” in two different versions + a deep and atmospheric remix by Le Petit Garcon.

The music video for this song is already viewed more than 30.000 times here – if you haven’t seen it, prepare to take 8 minutes to watch the ghost-radio hunter, filmed in Pyramiden, Spitsbergen. Film by Carl Critical.

Crowdfunding the cd

Radiomagnetic is out, at least digitally, but many fans are now asking for a physical product. “Where can we buy the cd?”

Frost would absolutely love to make a good old cd edition, but the way the market has changed – with most fans streaming and downloading – it is unfotunately not within the reach of the band’s own label to invest heavily into the production and distribution of such products. Production costs, taxes and shipping fees are high, and all statistics show that cd-sales are just going down, down, down.

However, if you can prove this wrong, by being one of the customers making us reach the goal of 150 cd’s pre-sold, we know that it’s worth the effort, and will definitely make it happen.

If so, we will produce a classy cd-album edition especially for you, including lyrics and a bonus track or two. Artwork will be done by our designer Simen Justdal, and include an eight page booklet containing photos by Carl Critical (the man behind “The Woods”, and “Something New” videos), all shot during Frost’s expedition to Pyramiden, Spitzbergen in September 2012.

If we cannot find about 150 people to back the project, your money will be refunded, and we will not go ahead and make the physical product after all.

So – spead the word if you think this is a good idea – plan this year’s Christmas gifts way ahead for once – share the love of the very special arctic electronic pop-music of Frost.

Visit our crowdfunding-project on Sponsume, by clicking here!