Tromsø, January 2011

We’re filming the music video for “Parade”. We created a world from a variety of beautiful trinkets, costumes and performances. It was all nicely stiched togehter by a staff of wonderful people. The production ended up counting over 30 people involved, all making their best effort to make a mysterious, warm and mesmerizing circus-setting. Here are som photos from behind the scenes… Thanks to everyone involved! Special thanks to the Kulta-team for all their creative work.

Tromsø, November 20th 2010

Did another show at Tromsø’s new, big theater house, HT, that has a stage in the foajee that is starting to become a more important live venue for concerts. We had great help from set-designer at the theatre, Linda Nilsen, who did a bit of scenography for us, making the stage a little world of it’s own. Reidar Richardsen worked hard all day to get the lights right, and he made sure of creating a beautiful atmposphere for this concert. It was funny, but it seems the feeling of being in a theatre kind of gets to the audience, as they were very quiet and polite…(instead of drunk and noisy in a night club), hehe. This gig was well documented, here you can see some great photos on Melt Melts photostream on Flickr.