is the musical project of creative couple Aggie Peterson and Per Martinsen. They’ve released two albums as a duo (“Melodica” in 2001 and “Love! Revolution!” in 2006) and a dozen singles and remixes. They have toured as Frost all over from Paris to London via Tokyo and Glomfjord.

Between them they’ve dabbled in a variation of projects, such as staging art shows for babies (Aggie), writing dystopian ‘transmedia’ novels (Per), composing scores for silent movies (both), building sub-bass driven laser installations (Per) and putting up stage performances with strange, blonde alter-egos (Aggie).

Aggie has also starred in various movie shorts, and Per has a long career as a producer of underground dance music under his moniker Mental Overdrive, releasing records for R&S, Smalltown Supersound and Full Pupp – as well as his own Love OD Communications.

In 1999, the Russian settlement of Пирамида, or “The Pyramid”, as it would be called by the Norwegian administrative authorities, suddenly turned into a ghost town almost overnight. Where around 1000 people (mostly Russian miners) had lived and worked since the settlement was sold to the Soviet Union by Sweden back in 1927, there was now a complete silence.

The dry climate of the Spitsbergen arctic desert has since preserved facilities such as The Pyramid’s own school, swimming pool, football ground and hospital remarkably well. You can even find toys on the floor of the nursery that the kids had to leave behind in the midst of play, as the Russian authorities ordered an immediate evacuation of the place.

In the years that followed, some strange radio signals started to appear across the shortwave AM band in the populated areas within the Arctic Circle. In these transmissions, wonderful pop music could be heard beneath the static. Between songs, a deep and melancholic male voice announced the music in Russian.

Nobody knew where these signals were coming from, until a Russian radio amateur recorded the signals, and traced them back to the exact coordinates of the now unpopulated Pyramid.

In 2008, after re-locating to their native Tromsø to “monitor the melting of the “ice-cap”, Per and Aggie received an envelope covered with Russian stamps.

Inside was an old C60 cassette tape labeled Радио Магнитное (“Radio Magnetic” in Russian), and a letter from the analogue-loving radio enthusiast, stating that he had seen Frost perform their soundtrack to the Russian silent movie “Mother” in Arkhangelsk some years earlier, and that he thought this recording might be of interest.

Per and Aggie immediately unpacked their old cassette tape deck, put the tape on, and discovered the beautiful music it contained – the music of a ghost radio filtered through static and time, like faint echoes from a recently lost civilization.

The whole phenomenon was the most haunting experience, and this tape has been the main inspiration during the writing and recording of the new album – resulting in classic, dreamy pop songs crafted in 2012-style eclectic, electronic production.

EQ Blog, UK: “…an electronica duo out of Tromsø that dig their kitten heels and drum pads into a chugging nu-wave soundscape of floating vocals over rhythmically pulsating synth backing, that quite stirs our analogue heart and electro head – as it’s something a little different, something a little a like our own Queen Of Hearts in similarity to Alison Goldfrapp that echoes back in time to the new romantic era. “

“Key point here is, Frost is defining something diverse in the current electronica soundscape and we applaud it.”

Planet Notion , UK: “… it is four whole minutes of electro-pop deliciousness. They like to describe themselves as ‘cool synth-pop with analogue warmth,’ and this pretty much just perfectly hits the nail on the head. Peterson’s crystal clear vocals skate icily and delicately over the warmer tones of a pulsating beat and twinkling, dreamy synth melodies. Simply divine.”

The Arts Desk:, UK: “The drum-heavy live sound adds va-va-voom to their electropop and by the second number, “My Plastic Heart”, they’ve hit their stride with Peterson dancing like Cleopatra and relaxing.”
(…) “It’s a luscious song, a real treat comparable to the wonderful Ladytron’s recent work.” (about The Woods)
(…) “One Hundred Years’ features a spectacular operatic vocal from Peterson and “Parade” brings out a smidgeon of dubstep bass, then it’s into the final streak with “Sleepwalker” (…)

Different Scene, UK: “Second single from Frost The Woods has a pulsing beat and gorgeous synth accompaniment. However it is the dreamy vocals that really grab you with this song, soft and delicious – they are hypnotic and perfect for the dance floor. Keep an eye (or ear) out for this duo because they are making some great tunes. “

Dipped In Dollars. US: “Their single “The Woods” was just released on Monday, and caught my attention the first time I heard it. It’s so straightforward that it would be easy to overlook, but the initial melody hooks me time and time again(..) it’s a deeply emotive track that is quite literally, cool.”

Frost are available for booking. Contact frostnorway (at) me (dot) com for more info.




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  2. I’ve been listening to Melodica for about 7 years and hadn’t known there was anything else from you until the other day. The new Radio Magnetic is such an inspiration to me and it oddly connects to my comic book project I’ve been working on for about 6 months. Your music moves, motivates and inspires me beyond physical and mental levels. I really want to see the entire Ghost Radio Hunter Film one day btw.

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