Frost and Mental Overdrive to perform at Chitronics at at Chichester University, UK

Friday June 12th 2015

Chitronics is an annual event run by the Department of Film & Media. Each year it celebrates a different aspect of electronic music, presenting interviews, talks, films, and panels, culminating in a concert, and then an after-party, also featuring live music.

Chitronics presents the introductory and entertaining alongside academic analysis, all with a sense of festival occasion. The theme for Chitronics 2015– Electronica Norsk is the immense contribution Norway had made to electronic music, with the focus varying, at different times, between the cities of Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø, scenes that have reimagined techno, disco, pop, modern classical and much else. This year’s event sees live appearances by key figures including Mungolian Jetset, Mental Overdive and Frost.

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Aggie Sunkissed Kimono_BWx

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