OUT NOW! Radiomagnetic special edition cd

Finally, the album is out on a beautiful special edition cd, with a double gatefold digipack cover, including all the lyrics, pictures by Carl Critical and lovely artwork by Simen Justdal. The cd contains special versions/mixes of some selected songs. It is out on August 16th, and you can make your orders now!

We hope you enjoy it, both musically and visually. It is a limited run of 300 copies, so if you want this one in your collection – or if you want to give it to a friend, make your orders in good time. At the same time, you are supporting the band and spreading the love and the music of Frost. Thank you so much!



One thought on “OUT NOW! Radiomagnetic special edition cd

  1. Hi Frost!

    My name is Josué Muñoz, i´m from México and I want to thank you for making this excelente music!, i’ve listened all ur albums and im listening the new 1 and it’s very very good too!!, please never stop!!, keep making music!!, i really enjoy listening ur music and also can change my day a lit better just for listening ur music =D if 1 day i go to Norway u should be 1 of my reasons to go xD thanks!!!

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