August 2010

02. August. 2010
NEW MUSIC VIDEO: “The Magician”
A sparkling music video with magical elements, weird dreams and a mystical woman in red, will be releasen Monday August 2nd.

13. August 2010
Aggie Peterson AKA Femme Digitale and partner Per Martinsen (of Mental Overdrive) will play a live show at the club program at Øyafestivalen, to preview material from their forthcoming album ‘Radio Magnetic’. The duo left the city of Oslo two years ago and instead chose to live in exile in their arctic hometown of Tromso, Northern Norway. They have spent their time well there, working on new music, babylounges, radioactive installation art, transmedia storytelling and close personal surveilance of the gradual melting of the northern icecap.

Blå, Friday 13th of August at 22.30 pm

16. August 2010
NEW SINGLE: “The Magician”
Frosts first outing from their long awaited 4th album is “The Magician”. Referring to the tarot card with the same name, inviting you into a world of dream and fantasy. A positive and energetic song wrapped in a new, fresh Frost-sound. The single will be available from Monday 16th of August from all digital stores.

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